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Banana Leaf

Andras Atlason (b. April 23, 1996) is a Brazilian-Faroese musician, composer, and cultural anthropologist whose music reflects upon human identity in the diversity of its resonant expression. He has studied piano with Davi Sartori and Olga Kiun, further complementing his musical education with harmony and composition lessons with composer Márcio Steuernagel and conductor Osvaldo Colarusso. Today, he is a student of the Strasbourg-based Canadian composer Samuel Andreyev. 

As a composer and music producer, his independent work has reached over 20 artists in 9 different countries spanning 4 different continents, including advertising market giants such as Japan's Yuge Inc. His creative work throughout the 2010s has given birth to Ut (2011), a solo piano album, as well as an EP (2013) and Shogyoumujou (2016), a full-length album with prog rock duo Da Zai.

In 2011, he was the winner of a worldwide contest for the rearrangement of a song by American band Mastodon, reaching over 65,000 views with his rendition on YouTube. As a singer, he has vast experience in both popular and classical repertoire — under tutelage, in the latter case, of Austrian baritone Norbert Steidl. As a member of the Gregorian chant ensemble Cantus Libere in 2018/19, Atlason has studied Latin phonetics, Gregorian palaeography and semiology with Brazilian scholar Paulo Valente.

In 2019, he graduated with praise in Anthropology from the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). His degree was augmented by experiences at Fróðskaparsetur Føroya (Faroe Islands) and Aalborg Universitet (Denmark) for studies in the field of the social sciences. As a researcher, his production was grounded in the study of lifepaths, bordering aspects of the history of ethnology and colonialism in Germany.

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